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Change the Name of Your Slovenian Company

Change the Name of Your Slovenian Company

Under the Slovenian legislation, local and foreign businessmen who have opened a company in Slovenia are allowed to make a set of changes to their company, throughout the company’s lifetime. Considering that a company can be faced with various challenges over the years, the initial data that was registered with the local authorities can be modified

Thus, a Slovenian company may change its registered office (this can be a consequence of relocating the business to another region of the country or due to development of the business or to its contraction – in which case, the company will need a larger/smaller office) or the legal entity under which it operates – this can be done under certain circumstances. 

Another change that can be brought to a Slovenian company refers to the company’s trading name; this refers to the name under which the legal entity was registered with the local authorities. When opening a company in Slovenia, the company name has to be approved by the local institutions and, provided that the investors want to modify it, the Slovenian institutions must be notified, in order to approve a new company nameour team of consultants in company registration in Slovenia can offer assistance on the procedures that have to be performed for this situation. 

What are the options for changing the name of a Slovenian company? 

In Slovenia, the registration of a local legal entity can be done through two options, depending on the company’s business form. Thus, a company can be registered through the VEM point, which represents a type of registration office that is licensed by the Slovenian authorities to handle the incorporation procedure of a local company. 

The other option is the registration through the Slovenian public notary. As a general rule, the VEM points are used for the incorporation of limited liability companies that are founded by a single or multiple shareholders. In the case in which the company was registered with the VEM point, the modification of the company’s name must be completed through this type of office. If the procedure of company formation in Slovenia was conducted through a local public notary, then this has to be concluded through the notary. 

How can one change the name of a Slovenian business using the VEM point? 

As mentioned above, the VEM point can only be used by specific types of companies in Slovenia. The procedure is not complicated, considering that the articles of association of companies that are administered by the VEM points follow a standardized, simple format. Any modification of the company’s articles of association, including the change of the company’s name, has to be notified with the VEM point. Some important aspects are presented below: 

  • • the procedure of changing the company’s name with the VEM point is free of charge;
  • • in the case of a Slovenian limited liability company with a single shareholder, the procedure can be done through an electronic decree;
  • Slovenian limited liability companies with more members will have to go through a different and more complex procedure;
  • • if the name is approved, the company’s owners will receive a decree stating the new company name at the company’s registered office;
  • • the company’s articles of association are modified at the VEM point, by including the new company name

What is the data on foreign companies in Slovenia? 

Slovenia is a European country that is opened to foreign investments. Thus, foreign businessmen are allowed to register companies in this country following the same regulations that are available for local citizens. Numerous foreign investors interested in starting a business here come from countries such as Austria, Italy, Croatia or Germany, but other nationalities can be easily found here. Our team of specialists in company formation in Slovenia can assist foreign businessmen with information on how to start a business here and how to make various changes to a local company; the latest data (at the level of 2017) on foreign companies in Slovenia is presented below:

  • foreign companies in Slovenia accounted for 5,6% of all the businesses registered here;
  • • from the total number of companies, 8,018 businesses were set up by foreigners;
  • foreign companies in Slovenia employed 25,8% of the total Slovenian workforce;
  • • a total of 106 foreign companies held ownership rights in Slovenian businesses;
  • • the majority of such companies were businesses located in Europe (more than 90% of them).

Investors are invited to contact our team of consultants in Slovenian company formation for more details on the regulations applicable to foreign investors. Our representatives can provide advice on any of the legal matters concerning the activity of a local business, including on the changes that can be made to companies with local or foreign ownership.