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Import and Export in Slovenia

Import and Export in Slovenia

The import and export industry in Slovenia is very attractive. For exports, it is the 62nd largest in terms of economic complexity index, a measuring tool for determining a country’s economic activity in terms of exporting. In 2017, its exports to European Union countries amounted to 2.12 billion euros and 0.46 billion Euros to other countries. Its imports totaled to 2.12 billion euros for 2017 from European Union members while 0.38 billion euros were from other countries. A lot of countries are engaged in cross border trading with Slovenia because of its very liberal trade policy and because its goods are of excellent quality. Our specialists in company formation in Slovenia can advise you on how to participate in import and export activities in the country.

Imports in Slovenia

Slovenia has been trading with a lot of countries, most of which are members of the European Union. The top five imports in Slovenia are vehicles, machineries, electronic equipment, mineral fuels, and plastics. For 2016, Slovenia’s import of vehicles amounted to 4.9 billion dollars while machineries totaled to $3 billion. Importation of electronic equipment rose up to 2.8 billion dollars, mineral fuels to 2.3 billion, and plastics amounted to 1.7 billion dollars. This shows how active Slovenia is in terms of importing goods from its trading partners. You can engage in the importation of these products when you open a Slovenian company.

Exports in Slovenia

Slovenian exports constitute 49.8% of its economic production. The main recipient of these goods are countries that are members of the European Union which take about 88.7%. 6.7% of the exports in Slovenia are sent to Asian importers while North America gets around 2.3% and Africa receives 1.4%. Our experts in Slovenian company formation have listed down the top ten exports of the country:

  • – Vehicles
  • – Electrical machinery
  • – Computers 
  • – Plastics
  • – Mineral fuels
  • – Furniture
  • – Iron and steel
  • – Aluminum
  • – Wood

Engaging in import and export activities in Slovenia can be a very lucrative business move. Get in touch with our specialists in company registration in Slovenia and get the help you need for your business.