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Manufacturing Food Products in Slovenia

Manufacturing Food Products in Slovenia

With 24 gastronomic areas and three wine-growing areas and no less than 170 typical dishes, made from locally produced ingredients, the food industry in Slovenia is a major investment industry.  With a relatively long tradition, the Slovenian food processing industry is quite extensive. Since Slovenia is part of the European Union, the EU Food Law applies to the process of manufacturing food products in Slovenia.

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Food processing industry in Slovenia

If you want to establish a company in Slovenia`s food industry, note that the main Slovenian food processors can be found in some important market segments. These include the following:

•    Beer industry – despite the growing tendency towards wine consuming, there are two major breweries in Slovenia (Lasko and Union) and a few private breweries (Lipnik and Kratochwill). If you want to invest in Slovenia`s beer industry, there are opportunities for Flemish specialty beers;
•    Bakery and pasta industry – this sector is dominated by two Slovenian companies (Zito and Milnotest) which account for producing 75% of the local pasta and wheat flour and half of the Slovenian bread production;
•    Chocolates and confectionery – these food products are mainly manufactured by the Slovenian group Zito. There are other smaller Slovenian manufacturers of chocolate and confectionery products;
•    Poultry and meat processors – two important meat processors dominate this market segment in Slovenia. With a very solid market position, Kras and Panvita are established brand names in Slovenia. Their food products are exported to neighboring countries like Italy, Croatia and Hungary.

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Legal requirements for manufacturing food products in Slovenia

There are several regulations and terms related to food manufacturing in Slovenia. The Decree on the implementation of certain Regulations (EC) concerning foodstuffs, hygiene of foodstuffs and official control of foodstuffs provides the legal framework for manufacturing food products in Slovenia. If you want to start a business in the food industry, you must know that all facilities in the area of production, processing and marketing foodstuffs are required to be registered with the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Food Safety, Veterinary Sector and Plant Protection (UVHVVR). These activities subject to regulation include: pastry and bread manufacture; traditional way of making bread and pastry products, manufacture of meat products, soft drinks and water, wine producing and dairy products.

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