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Obtaining Special Permits and Licenses in Slovenia

Obtaining Special Permits and Licenses in Slovenia

The Company Act in Slovenia provides that special permits and licenses have to be obtained by companies doing business in this country. These special permits and licenses attest that Slovenian companies meet the local standards for safety working conditions, for manufacturing and selling certain products and others. If you need to obtain special permits and licenses, you can rely on the professional help of our experts in company registration in Slovenia.

Slovenian industries which require special permits and licenses

There are 406 special permits and licenses which regulate the activity of the Slovenian companies. The main industries which require permits and licenses for setting up a company and doing business in Slovenia are the following:

•    The tourism industry – the licenses and permits a businessmen needs to acquire in this sector are: license to pursue the sale of tourist packages, a license for entry in the register of tourist escorts, a permit for operating as tourist guide and a license to organize tourist packages;
•    The financial industry – there are licenses and permits for acquiring the auditor certificate, for carrying out insurance transactions and licenses for becoming a member in the management board of insurance public limited liability companies in Slovenia;
•   The medical industry – license for implementing activities with medicinal products, for implementing complementary and alternative medicine, for the preparation of medicinal products and others;

•    The food processing industry – it is necessary to obtain certificates for the production of foodstuffs and to register the food processing facilities;
•    The energy sector – energy permits and licenses are compulsory for operating special facilities.

Permits and licenses for food processing facilities

If you want to invest in Slovenia and open a company in the food industry, there are several permits and licenses to obtain for legally doing business. These include the following: the certificate for the production of agricultural products and foodstuffs and the certificate for the registration of food processing facilities. The Agriculture Act in Slovenia provides the registration of any facility manufacturing food products if it operates in the following areas:

•    Sale – at the market place, retail, wholesale, online, at the stand, via email;
•   Import and export, production, packaging, storing, distribution of foodstuffs of non-animal origin on the market;
•    Activities in institutionalized food facilities – schools, hospitals, institutes and centers, child care facilities and kindergartens;
•   Catering activities – operating restaurants, coffee shops, inns, snack bars, tourist farms, food preparation and delivery and facilities serving drinks;
•    Activities related to foodstuffs and food supplements for particular health uses or nutritional uses.

Special permits and licenses are not necessary if the activity refers to the production of food for domestic and occasional use, such as: charity events, school events and offers of refreshment drinks and snacks at different venues. Any further information about the licensing process of food facilities can be given to you by our company registration specialists in Slovenia.

Permits and licenses for companies in the energy sector in Slovenia

One of the most attractive investment industries in Slovenia, the energy sector is regulated by strict rules related to permits and licenses. According to the Energy Act in Slovenia, any businessmen who want to establish a company in the energy field must acquire an energy permit. This permit is compulsory for the following facilities, devices or networks:

•    Facilities producing electrical energy with nominal electric power greater than 1MW which are connected to the public electrical network;
•    Connecting lines crossing the state border;
•    Facilities for natural gas storage and terminals for liquefied natural gas;
•    Heat production facilities with more than 1 MW for remote heating.

The Ministry of Infrastructure is the competent authority in issuing the energy permits for Slovenian companies operating in this sector. The energy permit determines all aspects related to the location, type of activities performed and working conditions within an energy facility.

Don`t hesitate to contact our team of agents in company formation in Slovenia if you need help in obtaining any kind of licenses and permits required for the commercial activity of your company.