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Relocate Your UK Company to Slovenia After Brexit

Relocate Your UK Company to Slovenia After Brexit

The UK exiting the European Union had a huge impact on the economies of the country, respectively of the EU Community, however, companies with well-established operations and servicing clients all over the Union have deal with the most serious repercussions.

From reorganizations to new strategies and even considerations for relocating their activities, British business owners must make various decisions that will not affect their operations. Among these, company relocation seems by far one of the best options, especially since they can set up new businesses in any EU state, including in Slovenia.

Relocating a UK company to Slovenia after Brexit is a good idea for those looking for continuity within in the European Union. Our company formation agents in Slovenia are their service with personalized solutions.

Company relocation to Slovenia – options for UK businesses

There are several options that can be taken into consideration by UK business owners who want to move their operations to Slovenia. From partial to total relocation, or to new businesses while maintaining their British establishments, there are solutions for any type of activity.

When seeking to move the operations from the UK to Slovenia after Brexit there are also other things to take under advisement, among which:

  • – the size of the business in order to choose a suitable Slovenian business form,
  • – the types of activities completed by the UK company and the licensing formalities that need to be completed when moving them to Slovenia,
  • – the tax implications and customs procedures that need to be completed after the UK has left the EU,
  • – the market the British company addressed prior to Brexit and one seeking to address after leaving the Union.

From cross-border operations and market addressability, Slovenia has two important advantages, and these are its geographical location at the heart of Europe and, thus access to all countries on the continent and the fact that based on EORI numbersSlovenian businesses will benefit from quick and simple customs procedures.

So, if you decide to relocate your UK company to Slovenia after Brexit, do not hesitate to ask for the support of our local officers. They will ensure a smooth transition after the post-Brexit requirements.

The relocation procedure for a UK company to Slovenia

UK business owners who want to move their entire operations to Slovenia must complete the following steps:

  1. they must first terminate their activities in the UK and de-register their companies,
  2. then, they can start the company incorporation procedure in Slovenia,
  3. after the Slovenian companies are registered, the assets of the UK company can be transferred to the new ones,
  4. also, they must obtain new business licenses with the authorities in Slovenia.

When it comes to the procedure of setting up a new business in Slovenia, British company owners must consider the following requirements must be met under the national Company Law:

  • – the Slovenian business must operate under a legal form agreed here,
  • – the company must have a legal address in Slovenia in order to be deemed a domestic business,
  • – it must also have a local bank account (branch offices of UK banks can also be used for the account opening).

The company registration procedure in Slovenia is not complicated or lengthy, however, it depends on how soon the British company is deregistered in the UK, as only after this step is completed, the incorporation in this country can begin.

Other options for UK companies seeking to relocate to Slovenia after Brexit

Setting up branch offices or subsidiary companies are also options for UK companies seeking to relocate their activities partially in an EU country and have access to both markets at the same time. In this case, the relocation procedure will no longer implies de-registering the British company, but simply creating the new business in Slovenia.

No matter the choice, our company formation representatives in Slovenia are here to help you and explain the main changes after Brexit.

Why move a business to Slovenia?

There are many reasons to consider Slovenia for company relocation after Brexit. Apart from being a member state of the European Union:

  • – foreign trade represents 120% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product which is why it has a friendly foreign investment legislation,
  • – small and medium-sized enterprises can benefit from a 20% corporate tax reduction for research and development activities,
  • – other tax cuts that range between 30% to 40% are available depending on the region companies operate in.

If you are interested in relocating your UK company to Slovenia after Brexit, please contact us.