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Set Up a Publishing Company in Slovenia

Set Up a Publishing Company in Slovenia

In Slovenia the state guarantees the freedom of speech and of the press. Slovenia provides as well access to information, by encouraging the public and private media organizations to issue newspapers, magazines and books. If you intend to open a publishing enterprise in Slovenia you may address all your questions related to company incorporation to our experts in company formation in Slovenia.

The Slovenian legislation for the protection of the written press

One of the main laws concerning published materials is the 2006 Mass Media Act. This law includes provisions related to the rights and responsibilities of the legal and natural persons who work in the mass media domain. If an entrepreneur wants to open a company in Slovenia in the publishing area, he/she will have to comply with this act, which refers not only to books and other printed materials but also to electronic publications, news and reports. 

Another important law which might concern investors in the publishing sector in Slovenia is the Access to Public Information Act, which contains provisions related to the assurance of diversification and cultural creativity in the published materials as well as regulations referring to the correctness of the information. You can discuss with our experts in company formation in Slovenia in order to explain to you the relevance of these laws for your publishing business in this country.

Some aspects to consider when you open a publishing company in Slovenia

An investor who wants to open a publishing company in Slovenia must proceed as soon as possible with the incorporation procedure. Although this process is not complicated it consists of many steps which you need to perform such as the choice of a name for your company and the elaboration of the foundational documents for the company.

If you decide as well to rent a space for your publishing business, you may rely on the support of our consultants in order to explain to you more about lease contracts in Slovenia. Feel free to contact us in order to simplify the registration process for your publishing company in Slovenia. By profiting from the experience of our consultants, you gain more time for dealing with other important aspects, such as marketing and acquisition of special equipment, which are required when a publishing business is set up