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Startup in Slovenia

Europe is currently one of the best places in the world to open a startup company. Thanks to the European Union and uniform legislation which enables entrepreneurs to operate in more than one country, setting up a startup which can gather funds from investors in all other member states is really advantageous. Slovenia is one of the EU countries and creating a startup here can bring a lot of benefits its owner.

Below, our company formation agents in Slovenia explain the main steps for setting up a startup in this country. If you need help in creating a startup in Slovenia, you can rely on our local advisors.

The main characteristics of startup companies

The creation of a startup in Slovenia should begin with the understanding of its features. This entity is defined as a company created by one or more enterprisers responding to the demand for a product or service for a particular market which implies an important amount of money for development and for which the funding source is usually external.

Startup companies enter the category of small businesses or micro-enterprises, however, they can also be deemed as medium-sized entities, depending on the expansion needs of the shareholders.

Just like in other European states, startups in Slovenia usually operate in innovative industries, such as fintech, information technology, healthcare, and so on.

When opening a startup in Slovenia there are various aspects to consider. These aspects can be explained by our company registration consultants in Slovenia.

We invite you to read about how to open a startup in Slovenia in the infographic below:


Steps for opening a startup in Slovenia

Startup companies fall under the Company Law in Slovenia, just like any other business form, which is why the steps for opening one will follow the same pattern which includes:

  1. choosing a legal entity that suits the needs of the company (the entrepreneur must pay attention when selecting it);
  2. preparing the incorporation documents – Articles of Association – but also of a business plan;
  3. filing the necessary application forms and required information with the Trade Registrar;
  4. registering for taxation, social security and applying for the necessary permits.

We mentioned the fact that an entrepreneur opening a startup in Slovenia must pay attention to the legal entity he or she chooses, as for such a venture, the private limited company is one of the best options. It requires a rather small minimum share capital (7,500 euros) and it is also a good gateway for foreign investors seeking to move to Slovenia.

If you want to open a company in Slovenia and need assistance, our local consultants are at your disposition with tailored advice.

What to consider upon the opening of a startup in Slovenia

Foreign investors are treated the same way as local ones if they want to open a Slovenian company, and this is also available for startups. This means that a foreigner can benefit from the same resources as a Slovenian citizen, however it is important to note that when deciding to create the company as a limited liability company, the foreign citizen can acquire a residence and work permit for Slovenia.

Before the business structure is selected and registered, the investor seeking to open a startup in Slovenia will need to prepare a solid business plan and a business model, for higher chances of success. These two documents will serve to gathering funds from various types of high-profile investors. One of the main characteristics of a startup, not only in Slovenia, but everywhere in the world, is that this type of venture relies on funds gathered through various means. The most common ones are family and friends, but crowdfunding platforms and angel investors are also good options.

If you want to open a company in Slovenia as a startup, you can rely on our representatives for advice during the registration procedure.

Why open a startup in Slovenia?

The startup is one of the best ways of opening a business for young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas in Slovenia. The government supports these companies, as it decreased the corporate tax to 19%, making Slovenia one of the most appealing European countries to start a business in.

In terms of startup shareholdings in Slovenia in 2018, according to statista.com:

  • – 67.2% of the of the investors were Slovenian residents;
  • – 20% of them came from other European Union countries in the eurozone;
  • – 3.3% of the investors were from the Middle East;
  • – 1.6% of the investors were from EU countries outside the eurozone;
  • – 5.3% of the investors came from North America.

If you want to open a startup in Slovenia and need help with the incorporation process, do not hesitate to contact our company formation representatives.