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The Share Capital in Slovenia

The Share Capital in Slovenia

The share capital is the contribution amount representing the extent of shareholder liability in the company. The share capital of a Slovenian company can change over time. Additional shares can be issued and sold by the company, thereby increasing its share capital. The share capital in Slovenia depends largely on the type of company you want to set up.

The Companies Act in Slovenia stipulates the share capital needed for the incorporation of a company. Our experts in company formation in Slovenia can give you further details on the matter.

The share capital of limited companies in Slovenia

The public limited company (d.d.) and the joint stock are the most common types of business entities. They are governed by specific rules and regulations stipulated in The Companies Act in Slovenia. Limited liabilities companies, irrespective of their type of organization, must be registered with the Slovenian Business Register.

The share capital of a public limited company is stipulated in the articles of association.  A minimum share capital of EUR 7,500 is needed for starting a public limited company in Slovenia. Shares can be paid in monetary or non-monetary contributions. At least one third of the share capital has to be paid in monetary form. Non-monetary contributions made by shareholders must be stipulated in the company`s articles of association. The shareholders are not the company`s owners but may enforce their property rights in the share capital based on the paid shares.

The joint stock company in Slovenia can be registered if a minimum share capital of EUR 25,000 is paid. The shareholders decide whether to reduce or increase the share capital or transform the company into another type. If you want to start a company in Slovenia and need more information about the share capital, you can rely on our agents in company registration in Slovenia.

Companies in Slovenia which don`t need a minimum share capital

According to the Companies Act in Slovenia, there are several types of companies which don`t need a minimum share capital in order to be registered. These are the following:

•    The general partnership – the partners are fully liable for the company`s debts, even with their personal goods;
•   The limited partnership – the partners are liable in the limit of their contribution. There is no fixed minimum share capital for a limited partnership in Slovenia and partners can invest their contribution in services, money or property rights that can be valued. Nevertheless, in order to register a limited partnership, the investment must be expressed in monetary terms and deposited in a bank account.  
•    The sole trader – the investor is liable with his/her own personal assets.

Feel free to contact our team of specialists in company formation in Slovenia if you want complete information about the share capital in this country.