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Accountants in Slovenia

Accountants in Slovenia

Running a business in Slovenia implies handling both administrative and accounting matters. If for the former, the managers and employees will take care of such tasks in accordance with their jobs, in terms of accounting, companies need a separate department or outsourcing services.

Our accountants in Slovenia are at the disposal of all types of companies operating in this country with tailored services. Among them, we remind you about the most requested ones: bookkeeping and accounting. These solutions are complementary to our company formation services in Slovenia.

Services provided by an accountant in Slovenia

If you need accounting services in Slovenia, here are some of the most requested ones:

  1. tax-related services, among which tax and VAT registration support for existing and new companies;
  2. bookkeeping services: our accountants in Slovenia can make sure that financial transactions of the business are accurately recorded;
  3. payroll and HR services: we can also handle employee’s records and everything related to having workers in a company;
  4. audit services: companies need to file audited financial statements, hence this is one our core solutions;
  5. financial statement compiling and filing: avoid penalties by letting our experienced accountant in Slovenia handle these important tasks;
  6. personalized tax advice and planning, one of the most appreciated accounting services in Slovenia.

Should you need any other accounting solution, do not hesitate to contact our local accountants. At the same time, if you want to open a company in Slovenia, you can rely on our specialists.

Support in tax and VAT registration in Slovenia

Setting up a business in Slovenia implies tax and VAT registration. These are part of our company registration packages, however, the latter can also be handled at a later date by our accountants.

Tax and VAT registration are two different procedures even if they are completed with the same authority in Slovenia. The tax identification code is mandatory, while the VAT number can be obtained voluntarily or when reaching the mandatory registration threshold or when supplying specific services or selling certain goods.

In order to verify your company’s status from a VAT point of view, do not hesitate to get in touch our accountant in Slovenia.

Rely on us for bookkeeping services in Slovenia

Bookkeeping is one of the most important parts of accounting in a company as it involves recording all invoices and daily accounting papers that enter and exit a company. Bookkeeping is a daily task that implies updating all financial records. Our accountants in Slovenia provide specialized bookkeeping services based on the use of dedicated software.

Other accounting services we provide in Slovenia

Gathering, verifying, and filing accurate financial statements also enters the attention of our accountant in Slovenia who will help you meet the deadlines imposed by the local tax authorities.

From this point of view, here are the main aspects to consider:

  • – the financial year for a Slovenian company is the same as the tax year, in case it differs, the business cannot change its tax period for 3 years;
  • – corporate income tax filings must be submitted by the end of March 31st of the current year for the previous one;
  • – public companies must file their annual returns by the end of the 4th month following the end of the financial year;
  • – the standard corporate tax in Slovenia is 19%.

Our accountants in Slovenia are member of the Chamber of Accounting Services, so you can rely on our chartered specialists for complete accounting services.

Do not hesitate to contact us for detailed information or if you want to hire an accountant in Slovenia for your company.