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Company Liquidation in Slovenia

Company Liquidation in Slovenia

Acording to the Companies Act in Slovenia, the liquidation of a company means the termination of the legal activity of an enterprise comprising as well the process of selling off all its assets, the settling of its liabilities, the distribution of the remaining funds to shareholders, and the closing down of the company. You might be in the situation to close a company in Slovenia either voluntary or by court decision. The procedure implies the finalization of all the business activities of the company and concludes with the deletion of the company from the official record. Our consultants in company formation matters in Slovenia have also relevant experience in closing companies in this country and can definitely help you if want to close your business activities.

Company liquidation procedure in Slovenia

If the capital of a company is reduced under the minimum legal amount, or if a company ceases its activity for more than one year then the shareholders or partners must start a liquidation procedure. First a person from the board of the company will be designated as liquidator, meaning that he will be in charge of the procedure. One of the first responsibilities of the liquidator is to notify all creditors and to gather from them their claims in due time. He may appoint a Slovenian specialist in company registration and liquidation, in order to resolve some of the legal issues which can arise in the closing process.

Another important step to be undertaken is the covering of all the debts of the company to the other existing parts.  A series of specific documents and reports must be elaborated and consequently submitted to the Company Register, if the division of all the remaining assets has been approved by the competent authority. 

Our specialists in company registration in Slovenia can assist you at any moment of the liquidation procedure. They can elaborate and obtain the necessary documents and they can help you finalize in a legally effective way the activity of your company.

Documents required for company liquidation in Slovenia

The Slovenian legal procedure of company liquidation is presented in the Companies Act. The law stipulates several mandatory documents which need to be obtained and filled in order to dissolute a business. Such required documents are the following:

  • • The decision of company dissolution – it is a document elaborated during an internal meeting of the leading body of the company or by court decision;
  • The liquidation resolution – stating the company’s name and address, the participants to the company dissolution decision, and the term of deposition to the Slovenian Register;
  • • Relevant reports – based on the company books, balance sheets and other administrative documents.

Our specialists in company formation in Slovenia can help you meet all legal requirements imposed by the Slovenian Registrar. Regardless of the reason for which your company must go through dissolution, don’t hesitate to contact us and allow us to offer our assistance during the liquidation process.