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Open a Liaison Office in Slovenia

Open a Liaison Office in Slovenia

liaison office also called a representative office can be established in Slovenia in order to improve the relations with the business community in this country and perform market research activities. Although it cannot conduct commercial activities, a representative office in Slovenia can help a foreign company to collect market information in order to extend more easily and efficiently his/her business activity in this state.

Our specialists in company formation in Slovenia are ready to give you all information on the characteristics of this type of entity and to help you gather the documentation needed for registration with the local authorities.

 Quick Facts  
Applicable legislation  Slovenian Company Law 


A Slovenian representative office does not have legal status.

 Uses of a liaison office

– market testing;

– marketing and promotion activities;

– acting as a contact point for local clients and associates.


Restrictions of a representative office (if any) Yes, a liaison office is not allowed to engage in income-generating activities.
 Minimum share capital (YES/NO)


 Local representative required (YES/NO)

Yes, a liaison office must have a Slovenian representative agent.

 Documents to be filed by parent company

– copies of the Certificate of Registration;

– identification documents of the local agent;

– proof of a local address.

Local address requirement (YES/NO) 

 Yes, a local address is required when opening a liaison office in Slovenia.

 Authority to be enrolled with

 Companies Register

 Liability of the parent company The foreign business is liable for the representative office’s actions and operations.
 Taxation of a liaison office in Slovenia

Liaison offices are not subject to Slovenian taxes. 

Possibility of hiring local staff (YES/NO)

 Yes, it is allowed for a Slovenian representative office to hire local personnel.

 Travel requirements for setting up a representative office (YES/NO) No, the local agent can handle the procedure.


Advantages of a liaison office

– easy to register based on a few documents;

– it can be used to test the Slovenian market before extending any operations;

– it does not incur high expenses.

 Support in opening a representative office Yes, you can rely on us for representation in setting up a liaison office in Slovenia.

How to open a representative office in Slovenia

The procedure for creating a Slovenian liaison office implies the following steps:

  1. locating a suitable space for the representative office;
  2. appointing a local representative;
  3. gathering the necessary documents and filing them with the Trade Register;
  4. obtaining an employer number.

Compared to starting a company in Slovenia, the process of opening a liaison office is much simpler and requires a lot less documentation.

Our local agents can advise on when it is best to choose this structure instead of corporate bodies.

Document preparation for setting up a liaison office in Slovenia

Establishing a Slovenian representative office is simpler from several points of view, including documents to be drafted. Here is what you need to prepare:

  • proof of a legal address, which can be a small office;
  • the personal information of the appointed local agent (employee transfer is also an option);
  • details about the parent company and the reason for setting up the office.

 We remind you that this business form is not a legal entity per se, which is why it is not suitable for commercial activities. Through it, foreign companies can get a better picture of the Slovenian market which is crucial when deciding to set up a corporate structure here.

Incorporation procedure of a representative office in Slovenia 

In order to set up a liaison office in Slovenia you must address the Slovenian Business Register (PRS), which is the local authority responsible for the registration of both commercial and non-profit entities. The central step of this process is the name registration for the liaison office. 

Because you are not going to perform any commercial activities through a representative office, its formation procedure is much simpler and faster than the one required for opening a profit company in Slovenia. You won’t need either to apply for a tax number since the liaison office won’t be subject to the Slovenian taxation provisions.

Here is also an infographic on this topic:

The activities of a Slovenian representative office  

By setting up a liaison office in Slovenia a foreign entrepreneur can promote import or export from/to this country. Also, through a liaison office, you can promote financial or technical collaboration between the parent company and the local customers. However, according to Commercial law in Slovenia, a liaison office is not entitled to sign contracts or issue invoices with other local companies. 

The activities allowed to be performed by a representative office in Slovenia are liaison activities which mean communication with local parties. When a foreign investor establishes a liaison office in Slovenia, this structure has no separate legal standing and is considered an extension of the headquarters from abroad. 

Our specialists in company formation in Slovenia can explain to you what activities you can perform through a liaison office in this country in order to improve your communication with the local market or in order to gather information about a specific sector in Slovenia, information which will help you decide if you want to expand your business in the country.

How important is it to create a liaison office?

This type of legal form is reliant on the parent corporation and lacks both legal and financial independence. It also lacks the authority to sign contracts, and neither it nor its employees are allowed to bind the business.

The Slovenian representative office may not seem like the best option for foreign firms. Even if recognized by the Company Law, it has its limitations on conducting commercial activity. The branch office and the subsidiary are better suited for these types of activities.

But there are several benefits for foreign businesses interested in opening liaison offices in Slovenia, including:

  • the straightforward establishment process that can be completed in a matter of days;
  • the possibility to hire staff, regardless of whether they are Slovenian citizens or have been transferred from the parent company’s home country;
  • the liaison office may, under certain situations, register for VAT and get VAT refunds;

Also, understanding how to Slovenian market works and what its characteristics are is quite valuable for foreign companies that can later decide on their expansion plans.

If you need assistance or information on the advantages of representative offices, you can rely on our company formation advisors in Slovenia. Here is also a video on this type of entity:

Taxation of a liaison office

The Slovenian representative office is not allowed to engage in any commercial activity, which is why it will not be required to pay taxes here either. It can register for taxes and VAT, which will allow it to get tax refunds. In the event that a foreign business chooses to enter the Slovenian market, the liaison office may also be granted the status of a permanent establishment. The representative office should be registered for taxation in this situation, thus easing the conversion process.

 You can get more details on the taxation of foreign companies from our company formation experts in Slovenia. We are also at your disposal with specialized accounting services.

Economic forecast for Slovenia

According to data centralized by the European Commission:

  • 2022 was a good year for the Slovenian economy with a 5.4% increase;
  • 2023 is expected to end with a 1.3% increase of the Gross Domestic Product;
  • projections for 2024 indicate a 2.2% growth for its economy.

Don’t hesitate to contact our experts in company registration in Slovenia to clarify any questions you might have on setting up a liaison office in this country.