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Open a Security Agency in Slovenia

Open a Security Agency in Slovenia

The security system in Slovenia is divided into two main categories – services provided by public institutions and services offered by businesses registered in the private sector. In order to provide security services, businessmen who want to open a company in Slovenia are required to apply for a license. The legal basis under which the license is issued, as well as the minimum technical requirements that must be met by a security agency, are stipulated under the Private Security Act

The document offers a clear image on the types of security activities that need to be licensed, but also on the persons who can be hired to deliver security services to third parties. Our team of specialists in company registration in Slovenia can provide a detailed presentation on the main procedures related to the incorporation of a security agency and investors can also request for assistance in obtaining the suitable license. 

What types of security activities need a license in Slovenia? 

Most of the business activities that can be started in Slovenia require the issuance of a license; this is also applicable for security related activities and investors must know that the document is necessary for a wide range of security operations, as it is specified below: 

  • • businesses that operate technical security systems or those planning such system; 
  • • companies that ensure the transportation of cash and other types of valuable assets;
  • • companies that manage security control centers and those that protect gatherings of persons;
  • security agencies that offer services for the protection of property and persons;
  • • companies that provide security services to natural persons (body-guard services);
  • security services designed to protect persons gathered in specific locations, such as bars, pubs, restaurants

What is the necessary personnel for a security agency in Slovenia? 

The personnel that needs to be hired in a security agency in Slovenia can depend on the types of activities selected by the company. Investors who want to start a security agency in this country may need to hire security guards, security supervisors, security managers, persons who have a special training in the transportation of valuable assets, technical personnel, such as security system engineersoperators of security control centers and others. Our team of consultants in company registration in Slovenia can offer advice on any special requirements that can be prescribed under the employment law available here. 

Are there any requirements for security personnel in Slovenia? 

Yes, the persons who are hired in a Slovenian security agency need to comply with specific regulations that are addressed to this industry. Thus, such persons have to be registered for the activity they are trained for. For example, those working as security guards supervisors have to complete a training course of 30 hours, at the end of which they will pass an exam; if passed, the person will obtain the national vocational qualification, which will allow him or her to get hired in a security agency

Businessmen who want to hire specialists in the field must know that in the case of security guards supervisors, other requirements apply. For instance, they need to participate every five years to other trainings; in the case in which a person who works as a security guard supervisor does not enroll in a training course in a period of maximum six months since the end of the five years period, he or she will lose the right of performing security services

How can one obtain a security license in Slovenia? 

The security license can be granted to both legal entities registered in Slovenia, but also to natural persons registered as sole traders. In the case of security agencies or security companies that provide security services for the protection of persons and property, the conditions for the issuance of the license are presented below: 

  • • the applicant had a security check which did not reveal any security related issues;
  • • the applicant did not previously own another security license that was revoked due to various reasons;
  • • the applicant was not imposed with a revoked license, even for a temporary basis, in the last two years prior to the application;
  • • the applicant can prove that he or she has a team of professionals, hired based on its qualifications in the security field;
  • • the applicant owns a security control center or has hired another entity to assist with this technical requirement;
  • • has suitable insurance and can provide an extensive presentation on the technical capabilities of the company;
  • • the business activity and the premises in which the company carries its operations, are registered in Slovenia

Businessmen are invited to contact our team of specialists in company formation in Slovenia for more details on the legislation regulating the activity of security agencies. Investors can receive reliable advice on the tax system available for this business activity, as well as on any documents that must be deposited with the local institutions.