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Open a Fintech Company in Slovenia

Open a Fintech Company in Slovenia

Fintech is an abbreviation for a most innovative financial segment of the global economy – the financial technologies. Although this is a very recent field for the most powerful economies in the world, Slovenia has already developed a vibrant FinTech community. The Slovenian Fintech companies already have a word to say on the global bitcoin market. Our specialists in company formation in Slovenia can help investors to set up a company in this country, by explaining to them the commercial legislation of this state.

Reasons to start a fintech company in Slovenia

The opening of a company in such a new field like Fintech is one of the rare opportunities that entrepreneurs still have in an already very diversified and specialized global scene. The Slovenian business climate is also another reason for which you may choose this country in order to set up a fintech enterprise. The low taxes have already attracted entrepreneurs from all over the world, leading in a steady growth of the Slovenian economy in the past years.

The fact that Slovenian government makes clear that foreign and local investors are treated equally under the Company Law in this country adds another reason for which you may decide to set up a fintech company in Slovenia. Our specialists in company registration in Slovenia can offer trustworthy advice concerning the documents you should include in your application file with the Slovenian Business Register (PRS).

Other aspects to consider when starting a company in Slovenia in the fintech industry

To the attractivity of the Slovenian business environment adds a cheap workforce doubled by talented specialized people who can be a precious resource when opening a fintech company in Slovenia.

Before anything you should chose a name for your fintech enterprise and open a bank account in this country. One of our consultants can assist you with these preliminary steps in the registration of your company in Slovenia, so that you can focus on more important aspects, and keep up with the last changes in the fintech domain

Don’t hesitate to contact our specialists in company formation in Slovenia, in order to ask for more details concerning the types of legal structures in which you could organize your fintech company in this country.