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Open a SPV Company in Slovenia

Open a SPV Company in Slovenia

The Slovenian Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is an independent entity with its own legal status, assets, and responsibilities. It can be created by other companies with the purpose of achieving a particular goal, which is frequently to isolate financial risk.

If you want to open a SPV company in Slovenia, you can do that by registered various types of legal structures. We invite you to read more about it in the guide created by our Slovenian company formation agents.

How to register a SPV in Slovenia

Despite being created with a certain goal, the SPV can take the usual form of any other company in Slovenia. Particularly, the most employed ones are:

The incorporation of any of these must be completed with the Companies Register, and in accordance with the Company Law’s requirements in terms of shareholding, share capital and management.

When opening a Slovenian SPV company as a private limited liability entity, you should consider the following:

  • it can have one shareholder and a maximum of 50 founders;
  • it also requires a minimum share capital of EUR 7,500 which can be deposited in cash, but can also be replaced with in-kind contributions of the same value;
  • the minimum participation for each member is EUR 50;
  • it also requires at least one manager.

However, this type of company is often used for small operations, which is why it is seldom used as a SPV.

The public limited liability company, on the other hand, can prove more suitable for operations completed by a special purpose vehicle in Slovenia. Its requirements are:

  • it can be founded by one or more shareholders, who could be either natural or legal individuals;
  • the shareholders’ liability is limited to the individual amount each has contributed to the share capital;
  • the minimum share capital for this type of entity is EUR 25.000, with at least one-third paid in cash;
  • the share capital may be divided into registered or bearer shares, each with a minimum par value of EUR 1.

No matter the business form you choose to open a company in Slovenia as a SPV, you can rely on our local agents.

The main uses of a SPV company in Slovenia

A Slovenian SPV can be used for several activities, however, its main role is to offer protection to the parent company. This is why, its uses can be divided into:

  • risk mitigation: a company’s operations could carry a lot of risk, however, by setting up an SPV, the parent firm can share the risks with other investors;
  • easier transfer of assets: transferring of assets might be challenging for a company which is why in order to own these assets, it can establish an SPV, which can be sold during merger and acquisition deals;
  • real estate transactions: a business may establish an SPV company in Slovenia to hold the properties up for sale if the taxes on property sales exceed the capital gain obtained from the transaction.

The SPV company offers various benefits to its parent company, no matter if it is a domestic or foreign enterprise. Feel free to ask our company registration advisors in Slovenia about its advantages.

How many companies operate in Slovenia?

According to the National Statistics Office in Slovenia:

  • at the level of 2022, there were 221,483 active companies in Slovenia;
  • their total added value was EUR 35,145 million;
  • their total value of investment assets was EUR 7,894,529.

If you want to open a SPV company in Slovenia and need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our company formation agents.