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Workforce in Slovenia

Workforce in Slovenia

Employees play a very big part in the success of a business. One of the many reasons that attract investors in the country is the workforce in Slovenia. The country has a labor population of around 997,000 and the workers are hardworking, very productive, well educated, and specialize in different fields of commercial activities. There is also a wide range for the preferred age of workers to employ. In 2016, workers between the age of 15 to 29 comprised 52.8 percent of workers in Slovenia while those between 30 to 49 years old made up 11.6 percent. Workers that are 50 years old and above comprised 6.1 percent of the labor force. The diversity in the ages of workers give businessmen the option to choose which ones are suitable for the company. Our Slovenian company formation experts can provide you with more information about the country’s workforce.

Quality workforce in Slovenia

Slovenia focuses on providing its workforce with training, education, and research on various sectors of industry. The country has also given emphasis in making the workforce in Slovenia knowledgeable of information and communications technology, sciences, and pharmaceuticals. This ensures investors that when they hire an employee in Slovenia, they are hiring a very productive and qualified worker. The knowledge and work ethic of Slovenian workers are mainly due to quality and formal education, as well as industrial tradition. In 2015, 43.4 percent of workers have finished tertiary education and are degree holders. This shows that the workforce in Slovenia is very qualified. Our specialists in company registration in Slovenia can help you open a company in this country and assist you in various employment matters.

Employment of Slovenian workers

If you want to employ a Slovenian worker, you must go through the Employment Service of Slovenia. This entity serves as the intermediary of Slovenian laborers and employers. Job vacancies are posted and advertised by the Employment Service of Slovenia and it will then check its records for any suitable employee. Once found, the employer and the prospective employee will enter into an employment contract. The contract must be in writing and must be signed by both parties. You can post any job vacancies with the Employment Service of Slovenia after you open a company in Slovenia.

You can receive assistance when hiring workers in Slovenia by contacting us. We have experts in company formation in Slovenia who can help you register your employees for social security and insurance with the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia.