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Open an IT Company in Slovenia

Open an IT Company in Slovenia

The IT sector offers numerous opportunities for foreigners interested in opening a company in Slovenia. A lot of well developed IT companies are established in Slovenia, in technology parks such as Technology Park Brdo-Ljubliana. Information systems and hardware support are some of the largest markets in Slovenia, generating economic growth. If you want to open an IT company in Slovenia, you can rely on our company incorporation consultants for professional assistance.

Investment opportunities in the IT sector in Slovenia

The business environment in Slovenia promotes start-ups and young companies with high potential. The IT sector is estimated to grow in 2017, becoming one of the most attractive investment industries in Slovenia. There are a lot of investment opportunities for those interested in setting up an IT company in Slovenia.

The market for security software is rapidly growing as a response to the changing nature of threats and vulnerabilities to business and government. The cloud computing sector is also a very profitable investment area, presently growing at 40% per year. These services address all kind of Slovenian companies, irrespective of their size.

Other areas of potential expansion in the IT sector in Slovenia are: broadband infrastructure, e-banking, software systems for back-up files, logistics and security systems. If you decide to open an IT company and need help with the incorporation procedure, our team of company formation specialists in Slovenia are here to guide you.

How to set up an IT company in Slovenia

Several procedural steps have to be taken in order to open an IT company in Slovenia. These are the following:

•   Choose the type of legal entity you want to set up – the Slovenian Company Act provides many possibilities from which to choose; 
•    Open a bank account in Slovenia, deposit the capital and get a receipt from the bank – a minimum founding capital is needed, depending on the type of company you set up;
•    Register your IT company with the Slovenian Business Register – our Slovenian company formation experts can handle the entire company registration procedure for you;
•    Register you employees with The Pension and Disability Insurance Institute of Slovenia;
•    Register for VAT with the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia.

Please contact our company formation agents in Slovenia if you need assistance in establishing an IT company in this country.