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Set up a Crowdfunding Company in Slovenia

Set up a Crowdfunding Company in Slovenia

Crowdfunding companies are more and more popular in the world because of the efficiency of this business strategy. The principles of the crowdfunding are very simple but the results are spectacular both in Slovenia and worldwide. The production of an enterprise rely on small but numerous found contributions from both legal and natural persons. Our experts in company formation in Slovenia can keep you updated on the structures developed by the state in order to encourage the crowdfunding companies in this country.

Types of crowdfunding companies in Slovenia

The wide variety of crowdfunding business ideas can be implemented in Slovenia in one of the four types of companies allowed by the Slovenian law:

• –          crowdfunding platforms based on donations;

• –          crowdfunding companies based on reward;

• –          crowdfunding platforms based on equity;

• –          crowdfunding companies based on lending.

Depending on the business plan for your crowdfunding company in Slovenia you can chose one or the other of these general categories. Our specialists in company registration in Slovenia can give you details on the particularities of each type and can help you set up a bank account for your enterprise.

Legislation related to opening a crowdfunding platform in Slovenia

Although it is a new domain in Slovenia, crowdfunding has already benefited from full attention from the local authorities. The government has adopted a legal framework capable to accommodate and offer clear regulations for crowdfunding companies. Under the Market Act, entrepreneurs who want to open a crowdfunding company in Slovenia, need to apply for a license from the Securities Market Agency or from the Bank of Slovenia. Those crowdfunding companies who apply the Donations or Rewards Model can function without a license from the above mentioned authorities.

It is also important to know that crowdfunding companies should be registered just like any other with the Business Register, through an application containing data such as the name of the company, the identity of the owner and the main activity of the enterprise.

Feel free to contact our experts in company formation in Slovenia so that you can profit of their professional counseling regarding the set-up of a crowdfunding business in this country.